Prof. Samuel Otu Gyandoh

Dearest Uncle SO

Karen Dadson

Dearest Uncle SO,

I really can’t get my head round you not being around anymore. I have known you my whole life and it certainly feels very strange not having you here. As long as I have known you,

You loved peace

You loved music

You loved cars

You loved life

You loved to stay in touch

You loved to be on time

You loved people, be it relations or friends

You always had a way of bringing us all together

You loved good food which you did not mind sharing

You loved to help out, be it man or country

You loved to read and write, perhaps, that is why you loved to teach

You loved to laugh and you cared a lot

You loved to lend a helping hand

I learnt so much from you

You taught me to be humble

You taught me not to let pride get in the way of things just like your ‘Aunt Teacher’ instilled in all of us too

I understood your sense of humour and that helped lighten the load in difficult times

You taught me not to burn bridges but to build them and be careful in life

You taught me to give a lending ear

When I was worried and shared with you, you showed concerned

You were good at mediating and if it was a tough one, all you would say is ‘hmm’, which usually meant ‘let’s wait and see how things turn out’ or ‘let’s leave it for the time being’.

You embraced us all, our spouses and friends too

Our children were your grandchildren too.

They will miss Grandpa SO very much.

To all those who added to his life, thank you because it is through you that I benefitted from him

You will be sorely missed dear Uncle. Rest well and God be with you till we meet again

Lots of love, Karen